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As someone else said, it's hard to know where to start or what to say to express my gratitude towards Ce. After completing a PhD, followed by residency and fellowship, I was saddled with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of student loans. For years I thought I was doing everything I needed to do, only to make numerous mistakes, which have cost me thousands of dollars. As soon as I started working with Ce, she put me on the right track, and gave me the tools to make the best choice of repayment plans saving me thousands of dollars. Over the past few years, I've run into stumbling blocks (e.g., being denied a recertification) and Ce has reminded me to keep forging ahead in a calm and steady manner pointing out what I can do, and I had success! Recently, I began working with my Senator's office to advocate for some changes to the PSLF program, and it is Ce that I consult as a resource because she knows the programs better than anyone and has a brilliant mind. She has helped me develop very nuanced and sophisticated arguments that I never could have come up with on my own. She is passionate about helping borrowers. I can't recommend her enough.

And This.

I am so grateful for the patient, thorough, and insightful counseling through Student Loan 411. Working with Ce Cole was fantastic; she welcomed questions and was able to explain her advice in a way that was easy to explain and remember. I felt she truly took her time to understand my situation and upcoming educational/professional goals in order to give me the best personalized advice. Without a doubt, Ce Cole has your best interest at heart and wants to be sure that every payment to a Lender is giving you the biggest impact towards eliminating your student loan debt.


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